A fresh start for Ivy Cabin

February 08, 2017

A fresh start for Ivy Cabin

Hello all you lovelies!

As many of you will know, Ivy Cabin recently relocated from the UK to Cape Town, South Africa! We are busy finalising things this side and plan to reopen next month (March 2017). Lots to do, lots to do! We will be bringing loads of amazing international brands to South Africa, the first time for many. Some of the brands we will be stocking are CAM CAM COPENHAGEN, BUDDY & BEAR, A LITTLE LOVELY COMPANY, KG DESIGN, MAMA DESIGNS, OYOY LIVING DESIGN, MODERN BURLAP, NOODLE plus many more!

We'll be starting off by introducing our brands, a little background on who they are and a peak into some of their beautiful products that we will be stocking!

Watch this space...

Caryn xx

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