Brand Introduction - BUDDY AND BEAR

February 11, 2017

Brand Introduction - BUDDY AND BEAR

Something I've noticed is difficult to find in South Africa is cute tableware for kids! Well luckily for you all, we have BUDDY AND BEAR! Monochrome lovers beware, I guarantee you will want the whole set!

We are bringing you a selection of plates, bowls, tumblers, egg cups and trays...all in fun modern designs, made from extra tough plastic and perfect for your little one's mealtimes.

About the brand:

Buddy and Bear is an award winning world of playful design for the modern family.

They recognized a need for products that would blur the boundaries of taste between grown ups and their little ones and wanted to offer a gentler approach to kid’s design.

Using themes such as time-telling, fruit, shapes and letters, the creators strongly believe in the power of learning through play. Their sweetly humorous collection is carefully considered to engage young minds and spark hungry imaginations. With bold yet subtle illustrations and colour-ways, their timeless style reflects the mix of sensitivity and playful charm that childhood is all about.

Taking influences from Japanese and Scandinavian design, Buddy and Bear celebrate the beauty in the every day and believe that it should go hand in hand with practicality. The gender-neutral products are treasured as part of the happy clatter and splatter of family homes worldwide.

Buddy and Bear yum yum bowlBuddy and Bear Happy Clouds plate blackBuddy and Bear Bear Tumbler White EditionBuddy and Bear Yay Tray

I'll take one of each please!

Caryn xx

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