Brand Introduction - CAM CAM

February 09, 2017

Brand Introduction - CAM CAM

So I thought I'd kick off the brand introductions with the gorgeous CAM CAM COPENHAGEN.

This brand is not new to Ivy Cabin but will be new to South Africa, yay! For those of you who don't know them, you are in for a treat! Their products are organic and beautifully made. Our collection includes baby blankets, quilts, mobiles and rattles, all in dreamy colours such as grey, rose and mint.

A little bit about the company itself:

Cam Cam Copenhagen’s core originates from the love of babies and children, and a belief that they only deserve the best. It also comes from an understanding, as architects, that our surroundings are immensely important to us and influence us profoundly from the very beginning. Cam Cam Copenhagen creates quality, timeless and tactile design for children. We offer poetic products which help create calm and harmonious environments for children. 

Our overall design focus is sustainability, this means sustainable, organic production, and enduring design and material quality, which will be appreciated for generations to come.

Our design philosophy and approach is to create timeless, poetic design, combining tradition with contemporary design.

Cam Cam Copenhagen baby blanketsCam Cam Copenhagen baby blanket sashiko mintCam Cam Copenhagen rainbow mobileCam Cam Copenhagen Animal Mobile

What more could you want from products for your little one?

Caryn xx

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